Saturday 4 December 2010

Pink-footed Geese at Alvecote Pools SSSI

 A thawing out Gilman's Pool at Alvecote Pools SSSI - December 2010

A small flock of Pink-footed Geese were found by Roy Smith amongst the Canada Geese earlier on the week.  After last night's heavy snowfall though, I was worried that there might not be enough exposed 'fieldage' available for them to feed on and that they might move on.  Only the odd single Pink-footed Goose of dubious origin has ever lingered at the patch so I was praying that they would stay put until the weekend.

After pulling up onto a snowy Dingle Hill this morning I soon picked up the Canada Goose flock and not long after that I had also picked out the first of six 6 Pink-footed Geese in the distance.  Tom 'Dom Jolly' Perrins then appeared briefly before it got too cold for him and he fled to the comfort of his cosy car.  For the more hardcore amongst us though it was time to use our stalking skills and creep close enough for a few record shots..... and here they are.....  

Pink-footed Geese - Alvecote Pools SSSI, Warwickshire - December 2010

In the same field I also stumbled across a small covey of 4 Grey Partridge, a species that is unfortunately now very scarce in the area.  There were also good numbers of Fieldfare around and a single Brambling passed overhead.

Down on a mostly frozen Mill Pool the Common Shelduck flock had increased to 13 birds and there were also 6 Goosander.  Around Gilman's Pool there was a Willow Tit and a Goldcrest amongst the mobile mixed Tit flock.

By the way, no geese were harmed (or fushed) during the making of the above photographic evidence.

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