Thursday 9 September 2010

The New ASBO Autumn Collection!

After enjoying brunch with my good pal Gok Wan the other day, he came up with an idea for a whole new ASBO Birderz fashion range. Well after one too many white wine spritzers I finally agreed for him to design a few items of clothing for me. The full collection is currently under wraps awaiting an official launch at London Fashion Week, however I have been allowed to let my beloved readers have a sneak preview of a few of the items that are about to take the birding world by storm.

The Limited Edition 'Bee-Kay on Fool's Day' T-Shirt by ASBO Birderz

The Limited Edition 'Plover Lover' T-Shirt from ASBO Birderz

The Official ASBO Birderz heavyweight T-Shirt!
Available in all the colours of the rainbow and in various sizes from 'Ian Moore - extra skinny' to 'Tom Perrins - jumbo sausage'

Contact me at to place your order!

1 comment:

  1. Hi! I see you're using a couple of our Birdorable images on your ASBO t-shirt designs. Great use of the customization feature!