Sunday 26 September 2010

The ALDER FLYCATCHER (first-winter) in Norfolk


  1. Hey up mate. Cracking footage, is it yours? The weather looks a little better than when we saw you! That wing flicking/spasmodic twitching was awsome to watch!

    What's your thoughts on this bird then? I've been in the Alder camp for most of the time, but i must admit that some of the arguments for Least are quite compelling. Pretty certain it's not Willow or Yellow-bellied, for several reasons. Will we ever know...?

  2. No it's not my footage mate, I stumbled across it on YouTube.

    Well I'm pretty certain it's a ALDER FLYCATCHER to be honest with you. As a strictly BOU kind of fellow I'll just sit back and let the 'wise men' sort it out for us. If not I'm sure they'll just add it to the British List as a 'Triall's Flycatcher' like they used to do with 'Soft Plumaged Petrel'.