Thursday 15 May 2014

Mothing in North Warwickshire - Part 1

As a lazy 'moth botherer' this was the first trapping session of the year for our little section of North Warwickshire. The conditions seemed to be ideal but by the time I went to bed there was not a great deal going on around the trap. A quick glance through the bedroom window at various times throughout the night provided a curious Tawny Owl and a number of pesky felines but activity around the enticing vapour mercury bulb itself was minimal. I awoke at 4.00am the following morning disappointed to find meagre pickings, however what we lacked in quantity was more than made up for in quality.

Star of the Show: Puss Moth
Although fairly common, this is a species
not readily attracted to traps.
Photo by Adam Archer

The undoubted highlight was a gorgeous Puss Moth snuggled in around the outer corner section of the trap. Other firsts for the garden included a Alder Kitten and a male Pale Tussock. A Lime Hawkmoth was also nice to find as we do not seem to attract that many individuals of this stunning species. Other highlights included a male Muslin Moth, a Spectacle, a male Oak Hook-tip, 3 x Flame Shoulders, a Mullein, 2 x Barred Straws and 6 x Brimstone Moths.

At this time of the year our dairy products do not seem to last very long as there is not enough room in the fridge for anything else other than drowsy moths!

Alder Kitten - Dordon, Warwickshire
Photo by Adam Archer

Lime Hawkmoth - Dordon, Warwickshire
Photo by Adam Archer

Pale Tussock (male) - Dordon, Warwickshire
Photo by Adam Archer

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