Saturday 16 February 2013


This superb footage of the famous first winter male PINE GROSBEAK was taken by Dave Gifford the day after our visit on the 17th February 2013.

PINE GROSBEAK in Great Britain

The nominate race enucleator is resident across northern Scandinavia east to the Yenisey River in central Siberia. Other races are also largely resident in east Siberia and Kamchatka south to Hokkaido in Japan. It is also widespread across much of northern North America east to Newfoundland and south in the mountains down to central California and northern New Mexico in the United States.

All of the documented records in Britain are as follows:

pre 1831 - County Durham - female shot at Bill Quay, Pelaw - no date.
pre 1843 - Greater London - first winter female shot at Harrow-on-the Hill - no date.
c. 1861 - North Yorkshire - immature shot at Littlebeck near Whitby in the winter - no date.
1890 - Nottinghamshire - one bird shot at Watnall - 30th October.
1954 - Fife - adult female trapped on the Isle of May - 8th to 9th November.
1957 - Kent - female or immature male at East Malling - 2nd November.
1971 - Kent - adult male at Maidstone - 15th May.
1975 - Northumberland - male at Holy Island - 11th to 12th May.
1992 - Shetland - probable first winter male at Lerwick - 25th March to 25th April.
2000 - Shetland - first winter male at Maywick - 9th November.
2004 - East Yorkshire - first winter male at Easington - 8th to 10th November.
2012 - Shetland - first winter male at North Collafirth - from 1st November 2012.

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