Monday 4 October 2010

Rustic Bunting Slips Through the Net!

A great day was spoiled a little by the decision to head over to the east coast.  The only reason was to check out a RUSTIC BUNTING that had been popping up in a set-aside field occasionally in the North Landing area of Flamborough Head.  Upon arrival we spotted Josh Jones and a selection of other glum looking birders.  There had been no sign of the bird for most of the afternoon.  Due to the elusive nature of the rarity and the fact that daylight was at a premium an organised 'flush' was soon arranged.  A gentleman volunteered his services and in he went...... & out came a Bunting!  Instead of it obligingly perching up in a nearby hedgerow, the bird flew off into the distance never to be seen again.  A few folks claimed to hear the fleeing bird call and clinched the identification as RUSTIC BUNTING, unfortunately though I did not.  Needless to say this is one species that will not make it onto my year list.

On the way back home we took a short detour down to a small hamlet called The Land of Nod, just for the craic.  Honestly, this is real place in East Yorkshire.  Look HERE if you don't believe me.  We were gutted that there was no place name sign to have our picture taken with.

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