Saturday 17 July 2010

SPOTTED SANDPIPER in Somerset - my 250th British Bird Species of 2010

Dunster Beach, Somerset.

Whilst lurking around a fast food establishment in Street, news filtered through of a summer plumaged SPOTTED SANDPIPER elsewhere in Somerset. We needed to make a decision, should we head back over to Sharpham to continue our hunt for CATTLE EGRETS or should we make our way over towards Minehead for the American wader with the measles? We decided to take a gamble on the latter despite not receiving any further updates on the rarity's status.

We arrived on site at a little holiday complex of small chalets and initially it didn't look too clever. There were no other birders present and even worse there didn't seem to be any prime wader habitat. A closer inspection of the site however confirmed the presence of a small ornamental lake behind the tennis courts. We then spied a duo of birders nearby who soon put us onto the bird as it roosted on a pile of debris poking up out of the water.

It doesn't get any easier than that really..... SPOTTED SANDPIPER, my 250th species of 'British Bird' for the year 2010.

adult summer SPOTTED SANDPIPER - Dunster Beach, Somerset - July 2010

Please Note: The chalet complex is strictly private but the finder of the bird has come to an agreement with the site manager to allow birders onto the site whilst the rarity remains. The condition is that birders use the pay & display car park nearby only and walk the short distance to the lake. If you intend to visit please approach the water with great care in order to reduce the risk of flushing the bird.